How to reverse tooth decay

What is the early sign of tooth decay? Food stuff  which are high in sugar and starches we take regularly, especially children, this cause acid attacks directly to enamel and which causes minerals to loose, when we eat or drink something which are high in sugar and starches we are actually showing our teeth to acid regularly and this repeated cycle leads to a white spot showing, the places where minerals are lost. This is the sign that your teeth are infected with early stage of tooth decay.


At this early stage if we try we can stop and reverse this process of tooth decay, but question is how to stop tooth decay, By using saliva and fluoride which is usually high in toothpaste and other elements, enamals can be repair, they use minerals from these substances saliva and fluoride. So its usually recommended by doctors that you should do toothbrush after eating anything, otherwise if this decay process continue and more minerals are lost, after some time, it begins to turn in cavity and enamel is weak and get destroy. Cavity is permanent  injury and you need to go to dentist to repair it with the use of filling.


Our teeth are precious and with small efforts we can prevent them with cavities, so be careful and use healthy habits for eating and brush your teeth regularly.

Tooth Cavity, Cavity Symptoms

Now a days our diet habits are not healthy and our lifestyle leads to many diseases in which tooth cavity is one of very common, to prevent from dental disease, we must know what are cavities ? and what are cavity symptoms and what does a cavity look like and how can we prevent us from tooth decay pain. Cavity between teeth are usually start from not brushing  teeth after eating, this is most common thinking that we must brush our teeth when we wake up and when we go to sleep, but this is proven fact, that brushing your teeth after every meal is a must, if you want to prevent yourself from bad cavity.

Tooth cavity is painful and yes they look very bad if they appear in front tooth cavity, tooth decay symptoms starts from bad breath, toothache. Now if you want to know how to stop tooth decay, you must start from now, after every meal you take, brush your teeth once, if you don’t feel good about brushing after every meal, you can take 1 hour time after meal, but then you must brush, if you don’t brush till 3 to 4 hours, there is chance that you have painful wisdom tooth or front tooth cavity.

Healthy lifestyle is key to healthy life, we don’t know how long we will live, but if we make our habits healthier, we will spend very healthy life and very happy life. Teeth are very important part of our body and if we want to use them till very long, we must keep them healthy.