Steps to take for dental health to avoid dentists.

Many of us didn’t realize the sensitivity and importance of our dental health or not aware of, how to do proper care of our teeth in daily routine. There are a number of steps to take for dental health to avoid tooth cavity or tooth decay can be preventive, if a person avoid eating unhealthy food (with high sugar in it) and do proper care of teeth. Excellent dental health can be maintain if a person follow this basic steps. Tooth cavities may develop if someone don’t follow good practices for oral hygiene, eating inappropriate food and not to be aware of fluoride content in the water we drink. As, fluoride’s function is to protect enamel layer.

Children are more sensitive to develop tooth cavity, though adults are not exempted but due to early age and growing factor that increase the risk for children on its initial stages. Cavities develop in-between the teeth and also on the chewing surface. Though, in the later ages, our gums become more sensitive and diminish due to which tooth root expose for tooth decay very easily. This kind of cavities called as root cavities. Recurrence of decay process also common, this decay appears due the permanent presence of cavities.

The most significance substance to keep our mouth moist is ‘saliva’, which also act as preventive agent for any tooth decay but when this substance is not sufficiently present in our mouth, dry mouth occurs, which start tooth decay process faster. Those, adults having dry mouth due to the factors of radiation treatment, chemotherapy, talking medications, nerves, or stress and malfunctioning of salivary glands.

Cavities can damage the sensitive and fragile nerves at the bottom of the tooth by breaking the tooth, if in case of proper treatment can’t be taken. This is a major concern for your tooth life and it may abscess or result in tooth loss.

X-ray or the dental assessment are the common ways to monitor and control the cavities. To maintain dental health it is highly recommend that you should visit your dentist every six month even, if your dental health is in good shape.

Your daily practice towards your dental care can prevent tooth cavity very easily. Brushing your teeth, twice a day every day before and after sleep can almost eliminate all type of food particles and the plaque deposition in between teeth and beneath the gum line. Flossing is also a must thing to do, to make sure that food particle not presence at inaccessible places of mouth with brush.

Regular dental check-ups not only helpful to control the ongoing problem but also useful to detect the minor problems on early stages before it’s getting worse and require extensive treatment. Preventive measures also include well balance diet and controlling intake of sweet and starchy foods. Fluoride supplement also necessary if you are not drinking water which contain fluoride. Toothpaste should have a sufficient fluoride formula because fluoride protect and strengthen the enamel.

Enamel is outermost layer on teeth, which acting as shield against tooth decay. The bacteria which reside in a mouth can progress on remaining food particle and initiate the yellowish looking substance called plaque, which covers the whole teeth and your teeth color become yellowish in some cases. This plaque actually cause infection and tooth decay.

Sometimes presence of tooth cavities is hard to identify even for dentist in its early stages. This type of cavities called concealed cavities and only be located in X-ray.

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